When can I expect my site to get updated?

When can I expect my site to get updated?

We automate the process of updating the WordPress Core software.  We perform a check once a week, and if needed will update then.

All WordPress Core updates are security and bug fixes, so in order to keep your site, as well as our servers secure, we will not turn off this “feature” by default, however, we can make special circumstances to our client who contact us directly and request the feature turned off.  This feature is included as a service to all of our clients, and there is no extra charge for this.

By default, we will not update any plugins, however, there may be times when we will need to contact our clients as a result of a security patch to a particular plugin, which can result in a number of things taking place ranging from having our client contract us to perform the update, to automatically disabling the plugin.

Please note, we do this to keep your site, and our servers secure, and is required by us for just this purpose.

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